Sakura + Shippuden Episode 20

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you were searching for relief

my love, you have found peace 


An AU where everyone dies from the war and reincarnate in the present era. Sakura has the ability to see people’s fated ones and their past lives together. She is also trying to find her fated one a.k.a Sasuke. However, Sasuke has been hearing her voice calling for him- so he’s been searching for her too. Idek man, I’m making shit up as I go…it’s 3am and I’m spouting nonsense yeah.

Spur of the moment comic. The idea of the story came to me randomly naaah tbh I just wanted to draw everyone in school uniforms;; Someday, I’ll write/draw a proper shoujo manga of my otp //cries

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Last nardo piece for the night 8’D KICKASS BUBBLEGUM, BOOTY KICKER.

Ao Haru Ride → Episode 02

↳ Kou Mabuchi

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I absolutely adore Syaoran Li. He is the standard to which I hold men (no wonder I’m single).

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